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The Arena Regia Hotel & Spa offers luxurious accommodation in individually styled rooms which are both original in design and provide the highest comfort.

All rooms have LCD TVs and balconies.

Deluxe double
The deluxe double rooms offer luxurious accommodation in a beautifully decorated space, with custom-made furnishings and perfectly appointed bathrooms.

Deluxe family double
Our deluxe family doubles are airy and spacious, and have been elegantly designed to provide the perfect accommodation for a relaxing holiday. The deluxe family accommodation consists of 2 linked rooms: a double room and a twin room. The deluxe family rooms can accommodate 3 adults and 1 child up to 14, or 2 adults and 2 children up to 14.

B-dul Mamaia Nord 77 | 905700 Mamaia Nord, Constanta | T +40 241 607 920 |
Certificate de Clasificare / Classification Certificates

Arcadia Hotel 4* - 11930/5356/2.02.2016
Restaurant Arcadia 4* - 10390/2291/2.02.2016
Bar Arcadia 4* - 10391/1992/2.02.2016
Restaurant Colonial 5* - 10392/2292/2.02.2016

Arena Regia Hotel & Spa 5* - 14571/2.02.2016
Restaurant Arena 5* - 10394/2287/2.02.2016
Restaurant Romeo & Juliet 5* - 10395/2288/2.02.2016
Bar de zi / Day Bar Lobby 5* - 10396/2289/2.02.2016
National Authority
for Consumer Protection
ISO Certified
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