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The villas at Marina Regia are ideal for those who enjoy a modern lifestyle and are looking for a relaxed atmosphere in a Mediterranean-style setting.

The villas have a generous area of 300-400m2 and approximately 1000m2 of adjacent land. Stepping inside, the living space consists of a living room, 3 or 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a balcony, a double garage and a covered terrace. Thanks to the huge windows, the terrace becomes a dramatic extension to the living space, thus creating a fabulous landscape with a wonderful sea view.

The furniture and fittings are notable for their exquisite design, and provide a refined and comfortable setting in which guests can enjoy the perfect holiday.

B-dul Mamaia Nord 77 | 905700 Mamaia Nord, Constanta | T +40 241 607 920 |
Certificate de Clasificare / Classification Certificates

Arcadia Hotel 4* - 11930/5356/2.02.2016
Restaurant Arcadia 4* - 10390/2291/2.02.2016
Bar Arcadia 4* - 10391/1992/2.02.2016
Restaurant Colonial 5* - 10392/2292/2.02.2016

Arena Regia Hotel & Spa 5* - 14571/2.02.2016
Restaurant Arena 5* - 10394/2287/2.02.2016
Restaurant Romeo & Juliet 5* - 10395/2288/2.02.2016
Bar de zi / Day Bar Lobby 5* - 10396/2289/2.02.2016
National Authority
for Consumer Protection
ISO Certified
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